The Kaleidoscope Family

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Our entire flooring team is here to support you in any way needed.  

John Loubier

Walter “John” Loubier, a Fort Wayne native, is the owner of Kaleidoscope Floors. He is married to his wife Linda and has two children Kyrie and Corbin. John has two grandchildren Larkin and Layla.

John was in the flooring industry back in the 80’s for about 10 years and then went into the Steel Industry for 10 years. After he left the Steel Industry, he decided to go back into flooring where he was a manufacturer representative for another 10 years before he decided to open his own flooring store. John enjoys spending time with family, going to the lake, sailing, and traveling to Florida for vacation.

Kyrie Loubier

Kyrie Loubier is the daughter of owner John. Kyrie has two children Larkin and Layla who you will see in the commercials from time to time. Kyrie was in college pursuing a degree in the medical field when her father decided to open Kaleidoscope Floors. She then changed her degree to business management and graduated from Ivy Tech.

Kyrie has been a part of the business since the moment the doors opened and thoroughly enjoys the gratification she gets out of helping clients find there perfect long-lasting floor.  Kyrie enjoys spending time with her children and family, going to the lake, traveling, and just enjoying life to its fullest.

Linda Loubier

Linda Loubier is the wife of the owner John. Linda was an elementary school teacher assistant while their children Kyrie and Corbin were young and then she went into the Commercial Lighting Industry for about 15 years.

Linda’s father was our bookkeeper for the first few years Kaleidoscope Floors was open, so we are truly family owned and operated. Linda enjoys spending time with family and her grandchildren, going to the lake, being in the sun, traveling to Florida, and shopping at local boutiques.

Corbin Loubier

John’s son Corbin is a Purdue graduate with a major in psychology and a minor in business.  Corbin enjoys the outdoors with his beautiful wife Paige.  They love hiking, kayaking, amongst other outdoor activities.

Corbin has been a flooring guide since 2013.  His extensive background in flooring comes with immense knowledge and research.  Corbin is here to serve the Fort Wayne and surrounding communities with all their flooring needs.

Damon Roe

Damon is a longtime family friend of the Loubier’s.  He started his flooring career in 2015 and has enjoyed the day-to-day challenges.  Sharing all that he has learned and helping to aid in customer’s flooring decisions, is what he loves most.

At home, Damon finds his hands full with his two amazing children, Sophia & Lincoln.  They can often be found at different parks around Fort Wayne or just learning & playing at home.

Jim Kizer

Jim is the warehouse manager and has been with our company since 2019. He has a long 26-year history of flooring in his background where he was an installer for 10 years then worked in a flooring store for the remaining years.

Jim enjoys being outdoors as well as sitting by a campfire in his free time.