The Platinum Promise

Your carpet will be replaced no matter how the stain happened.

Because carpet fibers hold and help conserve heat,

a carpet surface insulates up to seventeen times better than other surfaces, which helps in reducing energy bills. Carpet is quiet to walk on, durable, and overall a great value. We offer carpet in many colors and surfaces. If you aren’t ready to commit to wall-to-wall carpet, we have rugs for extra color or softness.

For the pet lovers

If your family includes a four-legged friend, be sure to check out our STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system. And if you have kids in your home, you’ll want a durable carpet to stand up to your active lifestyle.

Options for any taste

We offer a wide variety of options which allows us to please the taste of almost everyone.

Our flooring experts will gladly help you find the perfect carpet to fill not only your aesthetic desires, but also your needs.